Friday, April 23, 2010

Possible Benefit performance for 2011

The past few weeks have been interesting. My brain has been constantly spinning off new ideas lately. With "The High Project" behind HCDT, it is time to work on new adventures. Aside from “The Project Series,” I have been drawn to a lot of past events. Most of the events I am referring to are either natural disasters or some type of massive devastation. Lately, I have been hooked on documentaries mainly focusing on the tragedy of September 11th. I do not want to say that I have been ignoring or forgetting what took place that heartbreaking day, but I have not been drawn to the information, photographs, stories, films, etc. in quite sometime. For some reason, I am being drawn to the tragedy.

The first time I went to New York City, I went for a dance competition and workshop. The day our group arrived was the day JFK Jr. went missing. At that time, no one knew what had happened other than he disappeared. My group was in town for almost a week. The topic of conversations for the majority of that week were about what happened or possibly happened to JFK Jr. I pulled out the photographs from that trip shortly after what took place on September 11th, and never really realizing it, the twin towers were in the background of most of my photographs.

I have not been back to New York City since the twin towers fell. I have not seen Ground Zero for myself. I have spoken with people who were in New York City that day, who were supposed to be in NYC that day, and people who have seen what is now Ground Zero. Stacey and I actually talked about what happened last night after rehearsal. It seems as though it took place yesterday, but it has almost been 10 years.

With the 10 years mark approaching, I feel I am being drawn to use my talent to give something back to the people who risked their lives, lost their lives, or lost someone they loved on that grim day. I have a little over a year and a few months to put something together to honor and remember these people. Although HCDT is located in Atlanta, GA, we can still do something to give back or help where it is needed.

My goal is to collaborate with as many people as possible. If HCDT does a performance to benefit anyone involved with what took place that day, I want to do it done accurately and tastefully. Volunteers would be great to have! Keeping the expenses to a minimum would allow HCDT and other collaborators the opportunity to donate more. This performance is in the beginning stages and is a mere idea at this time. If anyone is interested in collaborating, donating, or volunteering to help see this benefit become a reality, feel free to contact me and give me your thoughts.

The research continues...

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